Mission: Stupidity Made it Impossible

Back at Capitol Hill, ran around with JD looking at stuff (haha, she was mad at me for "making" her walk around Capitol Hill 3 times--but then, I was the one wearing the non-regulation comfortable shoes). Before that, though, we went to the National Archives (which is why I did not get to meet my senators--cry cry), where I was lucky enough to be one of probably less than 100 people out of our group that got to see the original copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, etc. They really need restoration. I mean, legacy nothwithstanding, there's nothing heroic about looking at something that looks as if it were used as toilet paper at some point. The ink's nearly faded, bugs have been munching on them.... Not cool. :( Anyway, not much after that--the Instructor Panel was only interesting because I got to learn more about D(tM)F, haha, and blah blah. Mleh.

(The Box of DSL--holy sacred object, &c., &c.

So maybe I'm a little obsessed right now....)

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