Seniors? Try immature SHITS.

Okay, I'm going to rant my sorry little ass out. And I will also swear my sorry little ass out, because I'm just a little...ah, what's that phrase...?

And with good reason, too.

So today was Commemorative, which is the school's thing for the students (the thing for the parents, a.k.a. Commencement, is tomorrow), and we were just sitting there in crowded seats wearing fucking choir robes and skullcaps with cardboard attached. Which, obviously, sucks to begin with, considering how we were in the damn fieldhouse, meaning that the AC wasn't available.

Anyway, presentation--so-so, singers here and there, videos with sound distortion (go TN!), and speeches that I could barely hear...not because the sound reproduction sucked (which it kind of did), but because of these complete fucking ASSHOLES sitting right behind me. I mean, fuck ADD/ADHD--I have no sympathy, considering how it wasn't required--but these people talked every FUCKING moment of the entire program. I mean, they talked through Mrs. Quinn crying, they talked through Nolle's animation...they didn't shut their fucking ignorant white shit traps once. Oh, and for Dünf's totally awesome speech based off of Marc Antony's speech in "Julius Caesar", they had no clue what was going on...because, obviously, they were BABBLING while Dünf explained it. I mean, seriously, SHUT UP for those of us with BRAINS, you fucking shits!

To make things worse, the fucker behind me spent half of the time grating his shoes on my seat. I mean, seriously, I wanted to coordinate with my friends sitting next to me and turn around at the same time, giving all of those shits the finger. Or, if possible, I wanted to write "Shut the fuck up, you white shits!" and hand it to them.

Oh, and then there was the entire "Heh, I wanna do that chick...lookit her tits...ah, wtf is she talking about?? What a bad singer!" Seriously, it's one thing to go around saying you're a horny bastard--as my friends and I were discussing (a possibility for a speech: "Well, Class of 2005, let's admit it: we're all horny bastards!")--but it's another thing to keep yapping about sex and...well, let's just say that this was one of the few points where one of the guys whispered, "Shut up!"....

I hate bastards like that. I mean, they're GRADUATING. Show some fucking respect!

Okay, I admit, I may be slightly biased because of all their immature, racist shit about Asians.

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