In Which Stuff Happens

So there was a dance after the final caucus meeting, during which the DJ was an ass and didn't play "Smack My Bitch Up". It was fun.

Afterwards, I committed the great crime of the century by going up to the room and, after rinsing off, of course, turning on HBO. Well, the ending of "Carrie", which I wanted to see, was on....

3 a.m. Bedtime; I requested my roommate, who was originally going to stay up all night, to wake up up.

6:35 a.m. I wake up. I look at the time, swear a lot, and then wake everyone else up, gathering up my possessions because...well....

I was supposed to be on a 6 a.m. shuttle.

By some bizarre stroke of luck, my other roommate also had to go to Dulles on the 6 a.m., and was horribly nice, paying for the $50 taxi ride there.

And the flight back was perfectly fine.

Thus ended the Washington, D.C. trip: being attacked by the sibling; and also discovering that we were on our way to Gurnee Mills for some shopping (and, as it so happens, finally getting that second ear piercing).

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