Legal Plagiarism, or Hollywood Sucks

I watched "Hide & Seek" (I swear, I wasn't even there when the maternal body picked it up, else I'd have suggested saving the dollar for something better). It was totally a cross between "The Ring" and "Secret Window"--spooky kid haunted (possessed?) by a diabolical game-playing monster; split-personality that's crazy or nice and is eventually completely taken over into evil--which can even be traced further back to the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

WTF? Hollywood has really lost it. I mean, the directing and the actors were good at their roles, but it's not like the movie itself was anything special. This entire production needed the actors to save its pathetic little clich├ęd ass. And half the movies in Hollywood are like this nowadays, which makes one wonder if there's even such a thing as an original movie plot anymore.

Hell, I might as well go ahead and write a book--it's got a better chance of becoming a movie than a script, and I could make money off of both ventures that way....

Here is my sexy poem. It is so sexy that I use it to beat people with.
The void that we’ve made
Between Time and our fate
Leaves us much to expect
And even more of a wait

It's a poem, not freaking Michaelangelo, dipshits. I hope the morons out there are searching this for meaning.

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