Okay, so Maybe They Are Masterminds

It's interesting to hear people say that people say that Al-Qaeda is a bunch of smelly guys with no intelligence, because the perspective I have always had of them--perhaps due to the classes I took and the groups I was involved in--was of cunning stratagems. And it has proven true: while everyone freaks about the fact that London was damaged (which, by the way, perturbs me since these people managed to get bombs on a subway system when their leader is associated with America and is aware of American security breaches), it is necessary to consider that Al-Qaeda timed the attack perfectly.

As the New York Times says: "Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, as the host, had set an agenda that was intended in part to shift the attention away from his support for the war in Iraq and his partnership with Mr. Bush. But even before the first working session started, it was apparent that the tone and substance this meeting of the Group of 8 leaders had been violently reshaped."

Is that not clever?! These guys managed to turn the entire G8 to a point where they might actually be willing to consider some sort of serious compromise with Al-Qaeda simply because they were so concerned about the future of their countries.

So really, there had better be editorials like this in tomorrow's paper (not by the dipshits who write in, by the paid people), otherwise I'm really going to start loathing the Chicago Tribune.

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