(That's what the sibling said at the age of 4. Adorable, I'm sure.)

Anyway, here are the funny things I saw in 11.5-ish hours on the road. (Damn construction and getting lost. Going through 8 Mile Rd. was kind of disturbing...I was just waiting to get shot or rapped at.)

  • The village of Climax (seriously, I bet teenagers and horny adults have a great time with this one. "Oh, I'm always in Climax!" "Climax: the REAL happiest place on Earth.")
  • Zeeb Rd. (that would be a great address: 4500 Zeeb Rd. Yah, I live right next to Zeeb Mall. You're all a bunch of Zeebs!)
  • A Home Depot billboard ("If you want quality, look for the orange apron")...in a Lowe's parking lot. I don't think they would ever shoot a commercial at that one.
  • A stop sign...mounted on two wooden posts in the middle of a steep, grassy slope leading down to the freeway. I mean, there were houses at the top of the slope. WTF?

If it weren't for the parents' decision to not take the camera, I would have some awesome sunset pictures (as well as those things mentioned). Boo.

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