Everything's a Euphemism

Mature. Middle-aged. Past one's peak. Over the hill. Active adult.

Plus-sized. Full-figured. Relaxed. Large. Well-fed.

Why can't anyone admit that they're old (first set) or fat (second set)? It seems like everything in America is about denial nowadays--the amount of ways to alter one's phenotype is ludicrous. Eschewing such simple, novice devices as corsets, bustles, and henna (for the hair), people have gotten into complicated plastic surgery: silicone here, Botox there, a quick tummy tuck and liposuction on the ass just for follow-up.

Yeah, people are really afraid of admitting that maybe they actually have to work to improve themselves, or, even worse, that they can't change what they are. For some reason, people believe in the freedom to change themselves even as they vote for an unchanging, static government that just doesn't care about what they do to themselves as long as they continue consuming.

We aren't just the 'me' generation--that's bullshit. America is the 'me' country where no one has to be what they really are, as long as they have the money to pay for it.

And shoot the damn fools who point out that nothing's really changed, of course.

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