Oh, So THAT'S A Drunk Person!

:D Frat parties=fascinating. I can't honestly believe that people believe getting wasted--or at least buzzed--and grinding, as well as getting high off of cigarette smoke, is a good way to spend time. I would have liked to see what the people dancing were doing, but the smoke was too great in the rave room (...and no pretty UV light for me)...smelly poopooheads.

At any rate, they have really shitty Coke, though at least it was cold.<

There is no good reason to go to one unless there is absolutely nothing left in the world.

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yourlover said...

wtf Priya, you didn't drink any booze?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Oh I get it, iz cuz we speshul like that and j00 dun wanna wifowt me, babeh ;) wtf nigga talk