UChicago Has a Vendetta Against Me

No, really. Every TA that has graded my work has taken off points for me that they didn't take off for anyone else...though that could just be because they think I'm so awesome I need to be graded harder than all the other mortals.

Apart from that little arbitrariness, my card is POSESSED. It has been for the entire time I've been here--five weeks! Well, no one believed me when I said I simply couldn't get in--it was either the door or improper technique, but then they did something to the main door of Max P East (the building I live in) and my card wouldn't work on it. The desk lady told me to get a new one...which I did. Well, the money on my old card didn't transfer over...and the new card didn't work anyway. So I got another new card. Which didn't work anyway.

So it wasn't the cards, it definitely wasn't the doors--turns out it's me! As soon as the desk lady tried a different name on the temp card, the stupid piece of shit worked. :O

Basically, the computer system has a limit of 1200 names...and this year's entering students went 3 over. THREE! Fucking hell. I'm just going to go make up math homework answers now. :P

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