sleep acquired over weekend: ~5 hrs

...ooooooh. So sleepy, yet semi-euphoric! Today has been quite the week of firsts...3 of them...April 1st and a concert being the other two (meeting band members is way more exciting than I thought it would be, considering how I'm not into culture icons...but maybe it was the whole 'holy shit, a signed CD' thing). Heh, heh. Counterculture entertaining...though I think my ears are wasted after 3 consecutive bands sounding like bad versions of Nine Inch Nails. Oh well. It was worth it...and after the concert, it was really funny to listen to some punk-goth guy trying to explain why one CD was better than the other because it was less mainstream, even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with being slightly more dancy on one than the other, and the songs were fairly shared between the two CDs.

Life lesson: If it smells like fermented beer, it invariably tastes like shit.

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