Are you SURE you care about Mel Gibson?

For some reason, Mel's little anti-Semitic tirade is all over the news, masking the fact that he had a ridiculously high BAC and shouldn't have been on the road in the first place--as well as taking frontage from slightly more important but repetitive stories like the amount of people killed in Dubya's attempt to spread democracy all over the world...but more on that someplace else.

What really seems to interest people, rather than Mel's actual commentary, is that for once in recent years did someone speak without an eye to political correctness and public image. Sure, Dave Chappelle and other comedians appear to transcend the P.C. norm--but did you notice that they only ever poke serious fun at their own racial groups? Yes, Chappelle mentions white people, but only in the context of relations between himself and them.

So yeah, we've finally seen what happens when a relatively famous person loses certain inhibitions and either babbles a lie or admits a rather unpleasantly received opinion: pandemonium. Why has America lost its ability to look at what happens and judge it objectively? (Not that I'm entirely sure America ever had this ability. It's just that, in the 1800s and until the Second World War, people were a lot less concerned about whom they offended.)

All else aside, this is further proof why celebrities should only state their given lines in public. Tom Cruise, anyone?

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Omni said...

It's pitiful that someone who's most famous for baring his butt in silly cop movies is so important to us that we have to be informed of every word he says...