LOL 101: Comedy as Commentary

वह! क्या बात है! अब मे भार्तिभाषा मे टैप कर सकती हू! यह इन्टरनेट क्या चीज है!


Firstly, the title of this blog refers to a panel held at the University of Chicago featuring Mike Reiss (Simpsons--also the creator of Apu; and I actually found out why one of his kids was named प्रिया), Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show), Jordan Carlos (The Colbert Report), and Andy Borowitz (BorowitzReport.com). It being UC, the panel had a serious purpose to explore the purposes of political comedy in relation to the work these people do (they do a lot more--look it up if you're interested). A lot of the questions were fairly serious--not even these guys could work in a single AIDS joke until a full halfway through the presentation.

Besides the joy of seeing people with actual senses of humor (my own, sadly enough, is limited to context and at least 20 minutes of buildup--I have discovered this more frequently lately) and hearing some interesting and "inside" things (yeah, normally you'd have to pay money for this :P), I also discovered that expectations very, very strongly color people's anticipations of people. I mean, Carlos said 'Yes' and people--more than a hundred of them--were laughing. WTF? So much goes into anticipation that I'm not sure people see the real thing when they meet someone with a reasonable amount of fame


Yeah, I've definitely given up on satire. Borowitz made a good point (most of the good points, in fact, along with most of the comments) about how nowadays there's snarkiness--not satire--everywhere. And that's the problem with blogs: you get so harshly critical of something just because you can be that expectations reach impossible levels and, like Aesop's man with his ass and son, public figures--politicians--end up totally failing to please anyone. So stop being unreasonable, or just do it where no one's actually going to bother looking at you.

Wait, this is one of those places....

Ever since I found out people have ever actually read this, I've been considering regular updates, so stop telling me. मेरे को ये चीजे मत बोलो, in case you didn't get that!

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