Birthday Blog

Finally...a birthday with some actual meaning. I do so hate the way countries limit privileges by age, but I suppose there's no less arbitrary way of doing it.

Of course, most of the meaning is still symbolic...but hey....

I think the real reason people care so much about birthdays is because of the temporary hope it instills. You wake up thinking that, because it's your birthday, everything will go well--and it does. Think about what would happen if people applied this philosophy to every day!

Something interesting: I have trouble writing the date as 4/10/07 and not as 4/10/--year I was born--. What with all the forms we have to fill out nowadays, I'm sure everyone experiences this.

P.S. Technically, my birthday is the morning of April 11th on Central time, so this isn't late. (The date is actually adjusted to exactness.)

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