Iiiit's back! And the first two episodes have srs potential...but then, even the early bit of the second season wasn't too bad. I really want to figure out is whether some of the stuff that seemed kinda obvious but was presented as revelations to certain other characters was supposed to be obvious...considering the amount of surprises, I'm thinking yes (when will I be allowed to spoil?? Highlight the next bit if you've already seen it). The thing I totally saw coming, by the way, was that Mrs. Petrelli is the original dreamer, also that Nathan is actually halluciminating. Also it's about time for the pain thing. Srsly no longer has a biological imperative. Also future Peter SUCKS! Eejit. Listen to your mommy. And Maya...why oh why could Suresh not have had the actual sample. She's still a shitty character, and losing the accent + driving Suresh to do stupid things is just...god, she's so fucking lame.

Biological contemplations: I was thinking about what could actually possible, and I've come up with two possibilities: telepathy in the form of being able to sense where neurons are firing in a person's brain; so it'd be pretty vague and you'd have to be educated--maybe the firing could also be controlled? I guess you could cause seizures in people. The other possiblity is cellular regeneration. You'd need a DNA replication system that didn't lose telomeres...plus a very very robust set of lysosomes/peroxisomes and superoxidise dismutase to allow for protein degradation and free radical removal.

On a political note, it's a little strange that they're so determined to cover up Palin's first exposure to foreigners. (Wait, so does talking to foreign people qualify her, or is that limited to geographic proximity?)<

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