Debate 01

The most obvious thing to me was the fact that Obama and McCain have completely different appeals. For starters, McCain's voice is frequently grandfatherly, sometimes bordering on patronizing (at least to the teenage mind). Obama favors a far more intellectual approach, although the level of passion he puts into his speaking can border on vitriol when he's really going. Apart from the style, McCain tends to be far more vague and repeat words (I noticed 'spending' and 'bipartisan' a lot) to emphasize his points, whereas Obama--who clearly has more formal speaking experience, judging by word variety, gestures, and emphasis--is quite specific and seems to have a clear outline of what he plans to do as President. Of course, the problem with this is that he tends to spend a lot of time answering questions, frequently digressing from the original plan, and that Americans seem to care more about sound bites than seriousness. It's disgusting how popular McCain is simply because he is great with folksy metaphors--especially at the beginning, he failed to clearly make his stance.

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