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What is the purpose of having a weblog?

It's a question I find myself asking every time I'm low on time but somehow here spilling my thoughts out.

I mean, the Internet is a public forum. The word forum implies discussion--so presumably one makes posts on the Internet to encourage discussion that's particularly uninhibited by things such as social mores. However, one has to have a prior readership, preferably composed in part of people one knows in "reality" to really encourage dialogue...at the least, I should be advertising.

The other answer, I guess, is the one that says I use this as a way to consolidate my thoughts--seeing things in writing really shows the flaws in the argument or overall stupidity. But why don't I just use a private journal, then?

Hmm...I suppose these things are unimportant enough for me to post openly and to not care about responses on.

Also, user comments can be pretty damn stupid at times. Just check out any reasonably popular yet controversial Youtube video.

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