"Can I Call You Joe?"

Quick, biased transcript. Excuse the errors. I'm going to comment on this...when I have the time.

Biden: pushing Obama's plans out. Knowledgeable, maybe too much?
Palin: What. the hell. Anecdotes work for McCain because they are about important people, Palin has set the tone as, once again, the soccer mom. But she is getting to the point quite directly. Citing McCain's work and the failure of the current Congress. Bipartisan. Putting the country first.

Now it’s Biden’s turn to talk about experience—Bosnia, etc. Quoting gaffes by McCain—sudden reversals on the economic crisis.

Palin correcting McCain quote. The working man focus. Palin talking about governor, mayor. Maverick. Partisan. Get the job done. Claim that 96% of Obama’s votes have been following the party line. Fire—energy, reform. Maverick again.

Palin blaming the rich, greed, corruption on Wall Street. Americans have been duped. Every day American people… “hockey moms” and “Joe six-pack” …she’s ‘one of them’. Learn lessons, never again—entire focus is on the tricking of the people.

Biden: Obama was ahead of his time in noting the subprime crisis. McCain’s stands and deregulation lambasted. The fundamental conflict between big and small economic government. Biden comparing McCain’s opinion on healthcare to the economic crisis—interesting. Mention of the middle class, anecdote about gas—this is more direct, simpler than Obama. Less discussion of the specific plans.

Palin: she’s used ‘heck’ and ‘darn’, going on about the vote for tax increases…but here’s the question: whose taxes are being increased? Talking about job creation & private sector. Efficiency of government, anti-government growth. “We do need tax relief.” Obama’s alleged support of tax increase for 42k earning families.

Biden: completely denies Palin’s version of Obama’s support, also claims that McCain has voted 477 times (against 94 for Obama) to raise taxes and voted with Obama on the bill Palin quoted.

Palin: talking about what she’s done as a mayor and a governor, her “track record”. Talking straight to the American people…of course failing to mention that Alaska is the only state with a budget surplus.

Biden: talking ‘straight’. Fairness. Quoting numbers, repeated use of the words ‘middle class’. Tax breaks for the middle class. Obama’s plan mentioned, specifically about how it will not touch the middle class. Whoa—some number oddness; 95% of people making under $150k…but the tax only applied to $250k and over? McCain and adding corporate tax breaks. Different values. “Middle class is the economic engine.”

Palin: ‘redistribution of wealth’. Millions of small businesses will be screwed by Obama’s tax increases. Excitement, occasional stumbling of words. “Patriotic is saying government, you’re not always a solution, you’re often a problem.” Wants the private sector to take over instead. $1 trillion in new spending is completely backwards. McCain’s healthcare plan details: $5k tax credit to purchase own healthcare…budget neutral?? Against Obama’s universal healthcare. Runon sentence reiterating. “Erase the artificial lines between states” interesting concept, reaching back to unity?

Biden: questioning the word ‘redistribution’, especially considering the corporate. Repeats ‘fairness’, points out that 95% of small businesses are safe…hmm. Healthcare: small stumble, first Obama, but he is talking about McCain’s plan to raise $3.6 trillion to give people $5,000 and then replace $12k plans given through employers because 20 million people will be dropped. Repeat statement and rephrase. Sound bite. “We may have to slow down” foreign assistance and not going forward with McCain’s tax cuts for the richer, more numbers. Impressive sounding. Eliminate wasteful spending, $100 billion tax dodge for the offshoreness. Unpatriotic. “That’s what I’m talking about”

Palin: Sideways accusation of Obama, he’s telling some people one thing and others another thing (not mentioned, but mentioned McCain as different.) 2005 energy bill. Palin talking about her own experience w/oil companies in Alaska, naming companies…”bless their hearts” “They’re not my biggest fans” “Monopoly breaking” “value given to the people of Alaska” what?? Okay, her words have gotten a bit convoluted. Now she’s saying that Obama’s vote for energy bill that she has been reversing in her own state. She’s only promised to ‘do what is right for the American people’, no promises from McCain either that would have to be rescinded because of the crisis.

Biden: Obama was against the elimination of tax breaks for oil companies, however McCain is even adding more tax breaks for Exxon-Mobil, etc. Both sides naming tax companies. Approval of Palin’s windfall profits tax. Points out that Palin gave $1k to each Alaskan, forceful words—polite enough, pointing out McCain’s mistake.

Palin: I would support McCain’s original tax cut, but not with the current situation. Corruption. Greed. McCain’s call for reform. “rear that head of abuse” Bipartisan, put the politics & campaign aside to ‘do what’s right’. ‘Toxic mess’ on main street that’s affecting Wall Street’. “Main Streeters like me”

Biden: Only 10% of affected by Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 switch…disagreement between Obama & Biden = pessimist vs. optimist. Points out again that Obama noticed 2 years ago, McCain was surprised in December. Wants to adjust principal that people owe—believes McCain & Palin do not support. Ways to help people have not been supported by Bush, McCain, or Palin.

Palin: Is going back to her record on energy—the one place where she claims to have actual experience. “Allow this nation to become energy dependent”, talking about this ‘great land’ and the tapping of resources in states like ‘Alaska’…any others? Billions going to foreign countries who don’t ‘like’ America. “Very very hungry markets” “Energy independence is the key to this nation’s future” Heck again. Again energy independence. As the nation’s only arctic state, Alaska sees more climate change—cyclical temperature changes on the planet, “not just man”. Does not want to discuss causes, wants to “positively affect impacts.” Stumbling over words. First governor to form climate change subcabinet—once again, energy independence. Avoid emissions. Claims that human activity is more of a sub-cause. Now talking about conserving hydrocarbons, etc.

Biden: clearly believes global warming is caused by humans. Saying that McCain and Palin cannot come up with a solution because they do not believe this is manmade. We have 3% oil reserves and 25% consumption, McCain has voted against wind, solar, biofuel funds 20 times. We—and Barack Obama—believes in investing in alternative energy. Mention of export. Invest in technology. Forceful, short sentences. McCain voted against 20 times. “Drill, drill, drill.” But we’ll have to wait 10 years, will be in trouble.

Palin: “Drill, baby, drill” “hunger for sources, tap into” 100s of trillions of feet of “clean green” natural gas…uh, what. “Environmentally friendly onshore dealing. Tiny footprints on land.” WTF…. Claims that Obama’s and Biden’s opposition to oil drilling is an opposition to domestic energy source.

Biden: Clean coal record, 25 year support. Saying that the export of technology was the actual quote—never said there was no such thing as clean coal. “Maybe John’s for everything if the free market takes care of it.” Totally supportive of same-sex benefits. There will be no distinction in a constitutional and governmental standpoint—good, keep religion away from this. Sharing of tax benefits, life insurance, etc. Used the word ‘same sex marriage’.

Palin: against redefining the traditional definition of marriage, would not be ‘anything but tolerant’ of the choices adults in America make. Has a diverse family and friends, nothing to prohibit same visitations or contracts. Talking about the definition of marriage—but not about allowing civil unions. Repeated traditional mention of marriage instead of mentioning what about the constitution.

Biden: Civil definition of marriage will be untouched. Faiths’ problem.

Palin: evading the answer, she doesn’t support gay marriage. That’s all she says. We have a good plan for a surge, etc…but what about the exit strategy, which is the question. Petraeus mentioned. Totally butchering the pronunciation of ‘Iraq’, talking about Obama submitting to political pressure. No early withdrawal out of Iraq, Afghanistan mentioned—working with NATO allies. “We need to grow our military” “getting closer and closer to victory, it would be a travesty if we quit now”

Biden: Obama has an actual plan, named. Bush and the current PM of Iraq are discussing this exact plan—and McCain voted with Obama to avoid funding troops because of the bill’s lack of timeline. $10 billion a month while the Iraqis have an $80 billion surplus. Iraq needs to start being responsible for itself. “for John McCain, there is no end in sight to this war.”

Palin: hesitation—claims that the plan is a “white flag of surrender” Obama can’t admit the surge works—actually, he said it went beyond his wildest expectations in the last debate. Keeps saying we’re getting ‘closer and closer’, I’m starting to think Xeno’s paradox. Repeated respect for Biden and his honor of military—sudden vitriol against Obama. “That’s another story,” kind of rushing the ending.

Biden: McCain was against the armor protecting Palin’s, Biden’s sons & other sons and daughters because of the timeline to end the war. McCain has failed to read the history of the past 700 years, Obama has been right. “There are the facts.” Biden, along with Barack, focusing on Pakistan. As bad at pronouncing as Palin…although he’s getting the ‘I’ in Iran and Iraq right. Saying they are both dangerous. “Fundamental problem with McCain’s policy”, that the central war on terror is in Iraq. “Come from Al-Qaeda planning in the hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Stable government needs to be established—messing with the government and economy there. Building of madrassas, compete by building schools there.

Palin: agrees that both are very dangerous, once again Petraeus, “central war on terror is in Iraq” OH GOD SHE SAID NUKULER. Iran cannot be allowed to acquire nukes, Israel is being dragged down. Same quote of Ahmadenijad (sp) used by Palin and McCain—the ‘stinking corpse’, used to justify further defense, maybe invasion of Iran. Demanding of preconditions. Sounds exactly like McCain. “I had a good conversation with Kissinger”, would engage in diplomacy “With some of these dictators who hate America and what we stand for with all our freedoms and our rights”…diplomacy is first and foremost but it is hard work by serious people, clear objectives necessary. Also sanctions.

Biden: “Simply not true about Obama” Ahmadenijad does not control the security apparatus in Iran, the religious side does. Five secretaries of state have said the same thing as Obama—basically, going again with the Obama is ahead of his times thing—especially mentioning Bush’s recent sit-down with diplomats where McCain wants to find terms without sitting down with governments. McCain wouldn’t sit down with Spain—same as Obama.

Palin: “never allow a Second Holocaust” full support of Israel, embassy in Jerusalem, “peace seeking nation” “succeeded with Jordan, Egypt” Talking about commitments…to what? “Work with our friends in Israel.”

Biden: “No one has ever been a better friend to Israel than Joe Biden.” Seriously, she is challenging him in his area of expertise—but he does sound a bit tired, Palin has more force (even when being ridiculous). Pointing out that him and Obama have displayed foresight, etc.—sort of a continued “I told you so” thing. “The policy of this administration has been an abject failure.” Thoughtful, real live diplomacy. Stand with Israel, not insist on policies.

Palin: Does not think the government is an ‘abject failure’, respect for Israel support. Lots of friendmaking. Admits to huge blunders throughout administration—but all administrations. Points out that Biden-Obama have been ‘finger pointing’ backwards. Government “back on the side of the people” “Putting excessive partisanship aside” “Maverick, feather ruffling” McCain.

Biden: “Past is prologue, Gwen” How different is McCain from Bush? Points out vagueness of McCain’s stances. Lots of short sentences, repeated structure. Better appeal to average person than Obama’s more reasoned-ness.

Palin: Deterrent is a “safe stable way to use nukuler weapons”…as long as it’s America. Mention of Kim Jong-Il. Some stumbling of words. Wants to talk about Afghanistan. Need to implement surge in Afghanistan, that “perhaps” would be a difference with the Bush administration. Claims that Obama’s comment on the fuckups in Afghanistan are undermining the cause, mentions the schools. Keeps saying ‘we’.

Biden: “Facts matter” Commanding general in Afghanistan—repeat—“the surge principle in Iraq will not work in Afghanistan”. Still hasn’t named this general. More money, more infrastructure, but not the surge. So much more money spent in Iraq than Afghanistan—3 weeks in Iraq, 6.5 years in Afghanistan comparable spending. “Nuclear weapons require a nuclear arms control regime” McCain is against inspections, regulation, tighter control. Switches to Obama when running out of time—Obama ‘reached across the aisle’ to write a “serious and real” piece of legislation. Arms control.

Palin: names the general. Used the word different like…5 times. Rapid talking. Saying that McClellan didn’t necessary oppose a surge, promoting increased military presence as well as the fact that the Bush administration agrees.

Okay, it’s 9.00. This is a VP debate, the viewpoints are quite clear.

(10.46 p.m.: I'm watching the rest. Evidently I missed the truly sensational bits.) I have to add, though, Palin's "executive experience": what. the. FUCK. Also, "Walk the walk and talk the talk"...is Palin secretly McCain's Mr. Hyde?

It's disturbing how completely sterotyped these dudes are.

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