Maybe You're Not That Bad...Maybe.

After seeing the kinds of questions voters are asking, I'm a little less disappointed in the kinds of values people are putting forth. Many of the questions were about major, global issues--so way to defy the view of Americans as self-centered! Hooray!

Anyway, they're getting snarky and it is a little amusing but also quite relieving to see that Obama is pissed off. Yes, being cool is an amazing quality--but in the face of lies, it doesn't always work. And it's amusing to me to note how many times Obama has corrected McCain and Palin (who's pretty much parrotting McCain, so McCain Jr., I suppose); whereas, despite the frequency of accusations made against McCain, he has not corrected anything. Assuming that he would step up--the Republicans are traditionally more aggressive than the Dems--this suggests rather strongly that the Dems aren't lying as much (or they're just better at it, which I maintain is true as their lies tend to be in accordance with science).

The frustration of the intellectual also seemed to come out more strongly tonight--I'm beginning to think that Obama's pauses are often him looking for a lighter phrase, something more understandable to the public. Which brings me to a point mentioned in the NY Times: why is it so bad to be elite these days, considering that it's a good thing in the military and the President is also the Commander-in-Chief? No wonder Obama seems rather frustrated at times. I speak from my own experience...America is disappointing. We talk about raising standards and competing on a global scale, yet people would rather vote for the man who can talk folksy to them than the one with an articulate plan.

A little transcript of interesting things:
Mccain: replaced "house" with "home" [significant because it implies McCain is far more educated and less down-to-earth than the image he has created]. Major personal attacks accusing Obama & "cronies" of causing the crisis
Obama: "I've gotta correct a little bit of Senator McCain's history, not surprisingly"
[use of the word] "archaic"
Mccain: not able to remember 3 items...short-term memory...? hmmmm. From what I know of neurobiology (a complete Biological Sciences major with a specialization in Neuroscience), after around 60 years of age the condition of the brain becomes much more questionable even in apparently healthy people.
Obama: comparison to families, again. PRIORITIZE.
WHOA...offshore drilling???
Mccain: "Who voted for it? Y'might never know...that one! [Points]"
Holocaust, twice...?
Obama: "...best schools on earth"
American Dream

P.S. More "Heroes" vindication...so much foreign DNA is surely problematic for more than just Sylar.

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