Debate 3

Okay, it's a good thing telekinesis doesn't work because someone would have been horribly injured...the snark keeps rising.

A point of massive irritation: autistic children are not mentally retarded. Sarah Palin does not understand autism.

The one thing I found most amusing to note is the way that McCain and Obama are trading arguments: Obama talking about reform, "reaching across the aisle," and sacrifice; McCain bringing a message of change.... What made me particularly interested was the direct appeal to undecided voters, especially from Obama. He is using the appeal to independents (there was a giant bit for women; he even named seniors--almost pitted against the youth, amusingly enough). McCain is not so much; but he is solidifying his already solid base of social conservative support.

Elitism: McCain did a much better job of coherency and was less vague. His attacks on Obama were specific and Obama clearly had to make a few dodges--however, McCain still fails to specific certain things, like how we're supposed to simultaneously fund education and tax cuts. (Remember the past eight years? "Tax cuts! War! Yay!") I was most intrigued by McCain's claim that healthcare costs "fifty eight hundred" and that he will give people "five thousand."

And he's accusing Obama of being eloquent? (Which, by the way, is sort of a hilarious accusation. "You can speak to people? God!")

The way he dropped some of that grandfatherly fa├žade is really satisfying, though. He's experienced and he should show it. As for Obama--still as able to talk to all Americans as he was to a group of high schoolers (he spoke at my high school when running for Senate)--the big words have slipped in at a bunch of points, but his points have been clear (although occasionally repetitive).

We'll see how it turns out.

November 4th, people. Do not even try to justify not voting if you are able.

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