Where are their records?

I suspect I am more and more right to question how long Sen. McCain would survive in office. Melanoma four times...also, a refusal to release cognitive test records is scary. The fact that 1,200 pages of records on him isn't the whole picture is terrifying. Lacking lymph nodes...ladies and gentlemen, guess what those do: regulate your adaptive immune response! (On the other hand, maybe doctors are very long-winded...wouldn't surprise me too much.)

As for Sen. Obama, it's hard to be as concerned about even lung cancer, considering the kind of shape he's in and the fact that his body can take way more. I don't care quite as much about Biden (sorry!), but I will say that emboli can be instantly fatal...maybe he should be on blood thinners?

Funny how this sort of accountability takes a backseat to everything else. Your platform is only useful if you're alive (not to mention supported by Congress) to enact it.

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