Dude, What the Hell.

So...Prop 8 in CA and Amendment 2 in FL...uncool.

Prop 8 I can understand a little more because 'marriage' is really a religious institution and the liberals probably got a little overconfident about the amount of support they'd have and the amount of support the conservatives would lack.... There had better be another proposition in CA to at least allow civil unions. Amendment 2, however, is just disgusting.

Dude, what the hell.

I don't even understand why you feel the need to mess with what other people are doing. Doesn't that go against the whole fundamental 'free will' thing?

Also, most significant of all is the violation of the Constitution's clearly defined separation between church and state. "Marriage" is a religious thing and should be left to individual sects; "civil unions," on the other hand, apply to legal use and partner benefits (taxes, life insurance, etc.). Ideally speaking, all hetero- and homosexual unions would be defined as "civil unions" by the state and would only be considered "marriages" within the religion of the couple; however, this isn't going to happen. Thank you, social conservatives who insist on things like a display of the Ten Commandments outside a courthouse and oppose abortion on moral grounds.

Under a liberal policy, you can live as you want--under a conservative policy, everyone is forced to do what a subset of the population wants.

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