Low Expectations: What's Happened to America?

The media response to Mr. Obama's rapid movement has been, to say the least, absurd.

Once they finally finished with the whole racial business and hours of 'what this means for African-Americans', they moved on to discover that Mr. Obama has already picked a chief-of-staff, is establishing a cabinet, and in general is preparing to actually get straight to work in January amidst a massive economic crisis and some major transitions in both domestic and foreign affairs amidst a suddenly increased Democrat majority in Congress plus the chance to nominate two Supreme Court justices and as the occupation in Iraq becomes increasingly questionable while little flares of Cold War Era potentially reignite.

It's good that news agencies are scrutinizing Mr. Obama's plans, considering that many of his campaign promises were made before the economy tanked. But what's really absurd is the way the media has been shocked at how proactive he's been.

He has a staff! The staff has people like Rahm Emanuel, who isn't afraid to get things done, on it! This shows that he's not only aware of the political climate in DC, but that he's actually planning to keep his campaign promise of change!

Instead of slacking, he's meeting with staff and coordinating with the Bush administration to ensure that he isn't hit by the fallout of any of Bush's lame-duck maneuvers! (Consider 1991 and Somalia. Need I say more?)

It's disgusting that the media is shocked by how prepared Barack Obama is to lead and change. When did it become normal to expect little from a President until halfway through his first term?

I just hope that the high standards Mr. Obama is setting are maintained when future candidates are scrutinized.

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