The S-word

The first time of this year, after ultimately untrue weather forecasts for this entire week.


By this point it's pretty much entirely an odi experience for me (and yes, I'll have more to say once it's actually sticking to the ground): gets in your hair, first real sign of winter, colder blots on an already cold face....

Why didn't I go to Berkeley?

(Yes, I know the answer to that question. I thought I was going to apply there for grad school when I still thought I'd be doing a Ph.D. and...yeah.)

I don't understand why people love it so. Seasons are overrated; if humans need artificial devices to live in these conditions, then shouldn't we take it as a sign to not be here? But yet, somehow, we'll try to live through anything, a bit like cockroaches but less successful....

I hate it, yes. But it doesn't stop me from still trying to catch the snowflakes on my tongue.

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