It occurs to me that I've never really explained the title of this site.

So back in high school, half my friends (okay, the overwhelming majority of the people I actually spoke to on a regular basis) used "meh" as the sort of generic word. I had to be all different (this is back in the days when I believed that it was possible to be unique...oh, how innocent was I), so I decided on "mleh". Naturally, a certain one of my friends decided to use it to--admittedly, my indignant reaction every single time he said it didn't help--and then I got all, 'NO MY WORD' and then made the mistake of Googling it.

Horror of horrors! There were...so many links.

In my naivete, I decided to pseudocopyright the word: use it in a place that could clearly be attributed to me from a certain time before, hopefully, a lot of other people. And I wanted to make a point: this, and no other, was the real mleh.

So yeah, that was that. Eventually, I realized that this was a good place to dump conversations I never got to have.

Also: click the ads! True story, there's chocolate inside. (But seriously, maybe it's having to go out into the real world next year or something but I suddenly want to make money off of everything I do.)

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