Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

I don't have as much to say about Obama's appointments (other than: why is it surprising that he knows what he's doing?)...but still:

Why not?

Less than a year ago, a decent amount of Democrats were willing to consider her for President. Sen. Clinton, as both a First Lady and a Senator, is aware of how things are played in Washington and how she has to appear in the public eye--I think we can agree that she handled her husband's impeachment with grace, and all First Ladies are expected to be socially active.

On a shallower, odder note: she's got hair rather similar to Condi's. If you look at them in silhouette, it's sort of like the same person again....

Anyway, I don't see why people are more concerned about how it will look having Bill Clinton back around (seriously, personal issues should not affect your job if you are still responsible there; separate the spheres, people) and whether Obama is just trying to be conciliatory. To these people, I say: do you have another consideration for SecState? I haven't seen alternates proposed on the New York Times website or Politico.com (I admit, though, those are the only two sites I really visit frequently).

I think she'll do the job. And if she doesn't, she will be held accountable by a determined administration.

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