Male Gynecologists

If the sexes are truly equal, then what's wrong with having a male gynecologist?

Seriously.  I consider myself to be an egalitarian, but there are limits: for instance, basic biology...men are designed to gain muscle quickly and women, fat...and there's the matter of periods, too.

I don't think any form of true, absolute equality is really possible in this world: are you going to hold someone who went to an inner-city school to the same standards as a rich prep-school kid?  It's far more unreasonable to strive for complete equality than it is to stop and say, alright, there are differences.  These differences will be accomodated at the cost of nobody--and here I'm thinking not only of affirmative action, but also of things like Title IX abuse (the boys' stadium wasn't allowed to have a donated scoreboard until the girls got one too)...it's a clich√©, yeah, but it's also true: life is unfair.

The question is, how do you make the best of it?

...I guess that's all.  Watch and see how things change (or don't) during President Obama's (eeee!) terms.

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