Buying Organic Isn't Enough

You know all those great "organic" clothes out there now?  Like, oh yeah free trade all natural individual sewn cotton...sold for more money than the average video game*...and it's generally assumed that it's worth the price because hey, doing good for the earth and poor villagers, right?

So maybe the poor villagers are happier (which is actually kind of unlikely since half the time those products are also touted as made in the U.S.), but I disagree.  This shit isn't helping the world.

People who think it's good enough to support organic cotton will fail to take other, more important measures in reducing their carbon footprint.  I say this in part because the kind of person who spends $40 on a shitty, thin t-shirt probably isn't thinking too hard about their giant heating/cooling bill, or leaving the lights on, or any of those other things that those of us living on a budget have to think about.  (Also, I really, really hate self-righteous hipsters.  Which is all of them, so yeah.  Fuck hipsters.  And fuck your retarded berets, you do realize that artists tend to be more creative with their clothing in general, right?  Idiots.)

As for organic vegetables: more goes into their transportation and care than for factory/greenhouse foods.  Better to buy local, although the balance isn't exactly known (I mean, this shit is pretty hard to measure...).

But anyway, as we enter a new era of taking responsibility (teehee), it's important to keep in mind that everything we do has a cost.  Think about it the next time you leave the lights on when you go out.

*which reminds me: THE SIMS 3 :O

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