Why is the President Trying so Hard?

Among various ridiculosities noted in the media (oh my GOD!  he's actually doing his job!  what sort of shitty standards have we had for the past eight years...?), there's one thing that actually interests me, which is the repeated mention back to President Obama's campaign promises, platform, and even the inauguration address.

Basically, he is actually sticking to what he's been saying for the past year and a half or so: healthcare, tax cuts for the middle class, education, &c.  So my question is: why?  Yeah, he's acknowledged that the current economy is going to put his most ambitious plans on hold, yet the economic stimulus package is still centered around the benefits that were mentioned in the debates and the primaries.  But he's already in office.  He doesn't have to make sure that he goes through on everything--in fact, polls show that people are willing to wait as long as necessary for their results in light of the economic situation.

So the only answer I've been able to come up with is that President Obama believes that his plan is the only way for America to move forward and retake its position of world's ...something-est... power.  Which is so crazy: a politician with actual confidence.

On the newest episode of House, MD: suddenly Foreman and Thirteen's aberrant behavior makes sense...and I really hope they're done with the baby drama.

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