Republicans are Assholes

First things first: obviously, I exaggerate.  It's really the representatives that are the problem.  I don't think too many people will argue that Fox is the foremost, if not really the only (although, in general, editors tend to lean conservative), truly visible outlet of conservative media.  And yet it allows people to talk about letting the President fail.

What.  The.  Fuck.

In eight years of bad policy, the Democrats criticized.  Wheedled.  Demanded changes, protested, so on and so forth.  But never did they just sit back and decide that it was alright for the country to go to Hell just because its president was less than competent.

Republicans, you disappoint me.  Not only during the campaign trail--KKK much, seriously? --but now, today, when instead of coming up with acceptable alternatives and pushing them forth, you sit back and vindictively hope to enjoy the show.  I had no idea that half of this country was composed of whiny little six-year-olds.

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