Well, my sister wanted to go and I knew my mother would never say yes to an opening weekend movie, so...ok shut up I wanted to see it too.  Animation = awe-some!

The biggest thing you have to keep in mind if you see this, though, is that even if it's a Neil Gaiman story, it's still a kid's book.  He hasn't lost his touch for being creative with familiar ideas--but the ending is a little more definitive than, say, that of American Gods (yeah, it's that not very good sequel definitive).

As for the graphics, :O !!!!  a) See it in 3D.  It'll still be good without, but see-it-in-3D.  Seriously.  b) The "Nightmare Before Christmas" producer (sad that I don't actually know his name) knows what he is doing with stop motion!  Definitely use of digital elements, but still pretty true to the core reality elements (which, honestly, I don't entirely understand--why make it when you can render it)?  And of course there's a hint of the macabre/gothic/whatever they're calling it these days, which appeals to the adult crowd--and probably the kids too, I mean it's not like Halloween actually scares anyone these days.

(If the animation were a man, it would be sexier than Daniel Craig.)

So, anyway, rating: full price ticket at Cinemark!  That's, like, eight and a half whole dollars.  Not AMC full price because the buildup was a little slow and the plot is pretty much classic kids' fare, but yeah it's so pretty pretty pretty.  (Oh, and the 3D glasses cost extra.)

P.S.  If you're wondering whether or not you should stick around for the post-credit short: it's interesting from a technical perspective.  No plot, though.

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