That Bailout Thing

O hey it is an Obama address!  I keep forgetting that there is still news happening.  (Seriously, I was looking for Heroes.)

Um, why the fuck is there a question about major league baseball.  They were talking about the economy--where Obama is pretty much repeating all the stuff he's been saying all along, with the added benefit of being allowed to moralize because his opinion has been voted into office now.  (Haha, credibility of people who doubled the national debt called into question!  We need angrier Democrats!)

Also, the point of a stimulus package is to spend..."ideological blockage" on the part of the Republicans.  Obama calls himself the "eternal optimist": I agree.  He is fairly idealistic.

I'm pretty worried that I'm excited about this ending now in the hopes that Heroes might still run....

Interesting, because the NBC people argue that they should have done all of this a week earlier.  I think they still have enough time, though, since the deadline is automatically set for Presidents Day.

...watching Heroes now.  (oh my god Sylar even with his daddy issues.  the writing is much better--I'd recommend watching it now.)

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