It's funny to me to see that a lot of so-called 'feminists' and 'activists' still have this ideal that they hold up as the best that one can possibly be.

(This thought comes after I commented on the types of female leads Joss Whedon tends to have, and my friend mentioning that he was a feminist.  To which I say...well, they're still sexual ideals, aren't they?  And yeah, women do like feeling pretty and empowered simultaneously, but....)

I always thought that causes like feminism were all about rejecting an ideal.  Aren't things like the Vagina Monologues (which I refuse to see because Eve Ensler seems like a pretentious douche) all about accepting your body, no matter what it's like?  Even if science tells you that, yeah, if you don't lose 30 pounds soon you are so very, very fucked....

But maybe it's not possible to have a cause without an ideal.  Maybe you can't have an identity that is entirely self-defined or defined by friends rather than people that you see as a tier above.

And maybe this is why we should ban celebrities and models, so that people stop bitching already about this kind of stuff.  Seriously, dudes.  It's not that hard to just do whatever you're good at...I guess I'm a little unusual in not giving a shit about being the only female in the room.  But I got there by rejecting the concept of identity, not even realizing that being Indian does change my experience, as compared to a Caucasian with an awesome careless family and cool parents, until high school.  And I still don't really care about pushing it in anyone's face; I think this is the most open admission I've made of who I am in reality on the Internet (why yes, it is a tiny bit inevitable in person).

Also, on the Westborough Baptist Church (which, god, I apologize for giving more Google hits to)--until they stop acting like spoiled little brats, we shouldn't treat them as anything else.  Go to the time-out corner, you ungrateful little bastards!  (Seriously, the reason they have the right to demonstrate?  Is because of Thomas Jefferson, the first Democrat--and yeah, I don't like him otherwise, and I know perfectly well that the Dems have changed a lot since then...but this is a debate about symbols.)

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