Did the President Insult Britain?

More specifically and truthfully, Gordon Brown, the British Premier.  (I have no idea what that is; but then, I don't need to know about modern foreign governments, generally speaking.)

Some may find this link to be helpfully informative.

But really, the question I'm interested in is: does it matter?  In the recent past, Britain was far more favorable to the policies of the Bush administration.  And the truth is that Britain, despite its strong currency, really isn't that important anymore on the world scale.  Yeah, Americans looooove bragging about how they overcame the greatest power in the world, but Britannia hasn't been the terror of the seas in more than 60 years now; and I'm not entirely convinced that WWII was completely to the credit of the British, either.

So--maybe the snub was deliberate.  Maybe this administration wants to make it absolutely clear that the only ties between Britain and the U.S. will be those newly forged and relevant to modern policymaking; or maybe he really was just exhausted and there was no one on the team to find Mr. Brown (correct address...?) a decent gift (which was definitely bad, even relative to the other stuff).

Of course, I find it particularly telling that I found this out from a conservative source rather than the generally vocal emails from MoveOn.org and the Obama team itself.

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