I just don't have much to say about Crete because we weren't there quite as long, not to mention that the day we got there was horribly cloudy, which was surprisingly effective at ruining our initial impressions. (A beautiful Saturday on the beach and in Rethymno did much to turn that around, though.)

Things we saw: the Knossos Palace, which is actually pretty big, and the Cretaquarium (Thalassokosmos), which after the Shedd was disappointingly small--but I'm starting to realize that living in Chicago is rather privileged. Anyway, it was still pretty awesome; just not the ridiculous scale that I'm used to. Down a really goddamn sketchy path, though....

Oh, and staying in a hostel for the first time ever: lack of comforts replaced with awesomeness of people. Among other things, I have found out that there are some awesome Minoan ruins past Knossos--unfortunately, in general these things would be best done with a car.

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