Even Santorini has weather, sometimes

Bad news: it was actually so windy today that they canceled both the cable cars and the ferry that we were going to take to the caldera. Now, keep in mind that the wind was considerably worse for our having been halfway up a hill. So what did we (at least two of us) decide to do instead?

Climb ancient Thira, that’s what. This thing is up a serious elevation—so serious, actually, that we paid extra for a taxi up the horrible rocky narrow road (and I thought the port road was bad…) because we were worried about getting there after the site had closed. So anyway, we took a taxi to the top of this rather high hill, and then went walking around a couple of goat paths and some ruins. Clever, no?

But anyway, fortunately the next day turned out to be amazing again so we were able to go climb the caldera and have a look around. Definitely wear real shoes for this kind of thing! Also watch out for the sulfur smell and all the loose rocks (all rocks on a volcano are loose). I do wish we'd had more time to go exploring, but the problem with English is that everyone speaks it with varying degrees of competency. So yeah, therein lies the rub: takes way longer to get anything through because you have to make sure that everyone is on top of that shit.

More things I have crossed off my impromptu list of Things to Do:

- jump off the side of a boat
- swim in a hot spring (the path there was fucking cold! but there were jellies! I poked one! and then there was a TON of orange dirt, so you couldn't see anything underwater). True story: hot springs are not actually that hot, especially when the current keeps bringing cold water back in.

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