Odds, Ends, and Good to Know

A bunch of stuff I’ve noticed but, as far as I remember, haven’t found any place for:
- Motorcyclists do not actually follow streetlights around here. I saw one run through a red that had been red for a while…so even with crosswalks, pedestrian safety isn’t a 100% guarantee.
- Tsippouro (or however you spell it) is DISGUSTING. Do NOT drink it, unless you’re looking for an über-vodka experience.
- Cats are awesome and everywhere, but run away when you get close to them.
- Dogs are also unfortunately everywhere and have this tendency to follow large groups of people, which seems okay until they meet another dog and start a fight.
- Bakeries are DELICIOUS. Frequently people around here don’t want to deal with giving you change—or maybe they’re just nice—so little discounts are quite possible. (Not to mention free vegetables at the farmers’ market! I had guilt about this, but it’s ruder to refuse.) The word beginning Arti… means they’ll have bread (I think) and Zaxar… means they’ll have sweets (for sure).
- Don’t provoke the hoodlums, and don’t let them follow you home. :O
- Expect anything…anything from a European club. Especially remixed American music.
- Kiosks…kiosks are good for quick stops and emergencies. Unfortunately, they aren’t good for non-chocolate candy (considering the smallness of our local supermarché, this is an actual issue; but, on the other hand, bakeries…).
- Pretty much nothing is open on Sundays.
- Rain…does not follow the same cues as it does in Chicago. On the other hand, maybe the trend of it raining whenever I don’t have my umbrella is continuing.
- Easter is a HUGE deal here. Way bigger than Christmas.

I will be in Naxos, Santorini, and then Crete from the 18th-26th. Maybe I’ll check my email during that time, but no Interwebs. (I don’t know how obvious it is, but I don’t really mind this complete lack of dependency on the affairs of people I’ve never met.)

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