Do-Nothing Sundays

It’s sort of funny that, until now, I believed that the smell from the flowers on the trees in the nicer, more residential streets was jasmine when, in fact, they were all orange blossoms—and I know perfectly well that jasmine doesn’t grow on trees. What does that say about the association of memory and smell? It’s said that smell is the longest-lasting type of memory, but considering how much we consider memory is fiction, perhaps this is a bad thing. Maybe it would be for the best if smells didn’t carry long-term associations…except, of course, for those ones connected with food. (Just had grilled-cheese sandwiches. Mmmm.)

Anyway, I’ve started taking random walks in directions I haven’t been. It seemed appropriate for a Sunday to stay in the shade and away from the noise…and the air did have such a pleasant odor, no matter what it was. (Actually, I really wanted to pick the oranges…did you know that there are green oranges? They were super-wrinkly, but I assume still unripe. I realized that I’d never seen one before.)

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