Goodbye Teens

Two whole decades.  For other species, that's a full lifespan.  But, thanks to certain social constructs in the U.S., it's barely the beginning....

I'm never quite sure on how to be all "hey dudes it be my birthday," but thankfully Facebook and my wonderful roommate covered that for me.  So yeah.

Okay, I am a scientist and always concerned with technicalities...it's technically not until 8.24 a.m. on April 11th here...shut up, brain, shut up.  At any rate, when I was little I was convinced that something good had to happen on this day simply because, well, why was it such a big deal otherwise?  Obviously, I've gotten over that...sort of.

On the other hand, woot ten seconds good food party all around the end.  It's not a giaaant deal.

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