Bubble-gum gelato with marshmallows

Uh…wow, today was spectacularly eventless. It could have been more eventful, but I elected not to walk down a pile of steps for a) the usual reason and b) I pulled a muscle in the knee area, the theater walk sucked. (When I looked at it later, I realized there was swelling, so it's a good thing I decided not to go on that. HA.) Oh, right, something did happen there: a performance from members of our group was photographed by other tourists! And since it is excursion time for the Greek students (spring break, before Easter, before exams in May all combine to produce one massive load of middle- and high-schoolers who can say some pretty weird stuff occasionally), other groups were all ‘whoa dude’ or something along those lines.

But really, that’s about it.

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