Chronological order.

Finally got around to having some local honey…although I have no idea if it’s the famed Attic honey or Argive honey (the latter makes so much more sense, considering the beehives dotting every hill, sometimes in between the orange groves). Yummy.

Visited Tiryns, which was allegedly Agamemnon’s co-seat. More Cyclopean walls, because that is just how the Myceneans roll. Interesting concrete floors, perhaps dating back as far as the mid-20th century C.E. …yeah, there wasn’t much there. All the good stuff is in the museums. Followed by Argos, which was moderately more interesting on account of being moderately more recent (Archaic, Classical and Roman)…stupid high-up theater, I need to stop following people up things. It didn’t seem like a good idea at the time, either…. But anyway, a little bit of performing, trying to drown out the din from the workers; there’s a special platform with better projections. Yep yep those ellipses. I hate calculus….

This was followed by a little sojourn in Argos itself, where I went to the farmers’ market and got free oranges. People are really nice about food here! And they will not take no for an answer (actually, that’s considered totally rude)! The Argives are a’ight. But of course you knew that already, if you’ve been keeping up with your Homer.

What else…the Argive Heraion, with a spectacular view of the Argive plain (insert picture here). There were goodtimes to be had on the top. I think it’s worthwhile fearing that you might be turned into a cow and chased all across Europe by a horsefly if you’re an attractive female up there, though. Just saying.

Oh yes, wine tasting: had some good Greek wines.  Unfortunately, we ended the night with Tsippouro (I have no idea how to spell that), which was 120-proof and made me not want to have alcohol for the rest of the night.  Aaargh.  Also, there are some crazy varieties of goat cheese out there...the one we had there totally seemed like a mozzerella!  (Did I misspell that?  It looks wrong.)

Nafplion again. A number of us went to the sketchy little local carnival, which at 11 p.m. was of course mostly empty (there was one other large group of what I’m assuming were European tourists there). The grinding of mechanisms made the rides more scary than the actual movement—actually, I only went on the bumper cars, which were probably the safest thing there. You know how they double-check restraints at Six Flags? Yep, not so much here. Woot.

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