Off to the Peloponnese we go

I have learned the value of always having my camera with me....

Went to Mycenae, saw the Lion's Gate and a bunch o' tombs with those awesome domed tops (guess what? I DON'T HAVE PICTURES blaaaargh), although quite frankly it is stupid to name them after Aegisthus, Clytemnestra, and Atreus.  Especially on the first one....

Not much else today, had gelato at a fabulous Italian place (made in part fabulous by how happy and awesome the dude was)--Antiqua Gelateria di Roma, if you're ever in Nafplion you should give it a visit.  I would have something to say about Attica, but I slept through it (two hours from Athens to Corinth, so yeah)...the Peloponnese is a series of plains (we were on the Argive plain) surrounded by mountains, it's actually fertile.  Unlike rocky Attica.  So many orange trees; I love them orange trees.  And beehives.  (There are a ridiculous amount of bees around here.  Also cool lizards.)

Saw "House MD" with Greek subtitles.  Learned a couple of words, and suddenly realized that I technically don't have a television (it doesn't actually matter, but still).

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