Oh, Rainy Day

First experience of rain in Greece, and I don’t just mean a weak shitty drizzle, although of course it still had nothing on the torrential downpours of Chicago. We went to the Epigraphical Museum (sadly enough, three whole groups—including ours—was the equivalent of crowded); but really, I do enjoy trying to read Attic Greek and the occasional word or name I understand. It was pretty cool to see the original tablet with Themistocles’ motion to have the Athenians relocate in 480! Themistocles is totally my favorite Greek dude. (I also have a favorite Founding Father, cortical layer, and immune cell; although there are far too many Brodmann’s areas for me to just pick one. So there; I’m not a selective nerd...and I did major in biology for a reason; although these days the career thing seems…).

But anyway. Also visited the National Museum for a little bit; as Sundays are a free day it was totally crowded, and of course there are only so many vases you can see before the whole thing gets kind of boring. We did have a fun little moment of forensic examination, though; and the shiny and weapons (sadly rusted, of course…silly bronze…) were goodtimes. The Museum café is exorbitantly priced; go across the street. They’ve got sweet crepes, pizza (although the Greek type, with just feta, isn’t quite the same; still tasty, though), and other yums.

Doing my laundry. Living in India for little periods of time over an eight-year period (not quite as often as it sounds, of course) has evidently convinced me that this is peasant’s work. Of course, anything that builds the upper body and wrecks smooth lily-white hands is peasants’ work. But anyway, not enjoying it…even if it’s easier than dragging that shit two blocks to the Laundromat. Must…think…cheap….

…I really want ice cream. It seems to be a persistent hunger. Mmmmm…. (I’m also dreadfully hungry; it’s six o’ clock and they eat dinner here at earliest 8 p.m., but since the restaurants open then it’s a good habit to adopt.)

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