Attractive White House

Is basically a euphemism for "young White House;" after all, what else is attractiveness defined as?

I haven't really been following the news as much (well, duh), but I saw some stupid article in the NY Times that had this headline.  I've never really considered these vapid shallow things appropriate for someone of my intellectual capacity (okay, since no one seems to be able to tell--even in reality--I'm being pretty sarcastic; although I don't see why looks or, for that matter, personal life should influence how we choose our politicans), but in a city where riots happen on a regular basis, I guess the opinion of the average human being really does matter.  Sort of.

Anyway, I've heard that at least one person (old yiayia type) has accosted American teenagers and been all, "Obama wtf"--which is annoying, because a) a whole lot of us voted and b) why do you expect him to fix everything for your country?  Funny story, sort of related to this since it involves traveling and America: when they want to be rude, Canadians allegedly pretend to be American.

I don't know...something about the perception of America by other countries that hasn't been said a million times before.

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