It's like summer in Chicago, but not as shitty

For serious--I don't think anything compares to the level of shittiness that is summer in Chicago.  When you have 90 degrees of heat and rain coming up in the next few days...when the only place to go is the lake and the overcrowded waterfront that's horribly polluted, and you've already been anywhere of note or it's too expensive or too far and the smell everywhere is reeking drunk stupid Cubs fans....

But anyway, it's not like it's super awesome to be in 26 degrees Celsius (what the hell is that converted anyway, besides really hot?), especially when we are wandering around a boring site with a whole lot of prickly plants and not enough shade (well, the second half of the site was okay because there were temples...fuck social history).

I swear there was a giant heat wave over the weekend...I didn't really notice it because I was on the Island of the Winds, so...aaaugh.  Also: I don't want to tan!  Many Americans do not understand the value of avoiding  tan.  Although of course it's way worse here: almost impossible to find sunblock, and it can't be just because of the stricter European rules because there is tanning lotion everywhere.

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