Lemongrass & Wasabi

Just enough bite to really bring the lemon flavor out…oh god, I do wish I’d had time to try every single flavor. I also realized that, like people here who assume that I can speak Greek just because I know the standard greeting (maybe there’s something else there too but I don’t know what it is), I tend to assume that people can speak English.

Anyway. Meeting people is fun! I met lots of people and now have life goals besides those concerning making an assload of money. I have also noticed that Americans tend to travel in larger packs, making it harder for them to be approached or to do any approaching--it's sort of disappointing, really; all the best stories come from interacting with locals or from meeting really cool people. (Actually, I just remembered that, at the hostel, both we and the other group of Americans were pretty insular.) So yeah, all the dudes I met were either old, Canadian, or Greek (or combinations of these).

In other news, Delos really needs more funding…or at the least more time for them to put everything together; the museum labels were horrid. (Also, of course the best stuff is at the National Museum, so I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been there three times.) Nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to go through the entire site while taking pictures in 3 hours or less and still appreciate how awesome it is.

Something stupid about America: you pay extra for "organic" or "local" or farmers' market stuff...here, it's way cheaper. Uh, what.

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