Best. Ice Cream. Ever.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

For various reasons, I decided to go to Mykonos (and, more specifically, Delos) and, for various reasons, ended up going it alone (which was spectacularly terrifying when a) the metro to Piraeus was closed on the way there and b) the metro to Piraeus ended at a random stop and we were hauled onto an extremely crowded tram on the way back; and at this point you can go ahead and say something unintelligible about the best-laid plans of mice and men). But anyway, I evidently look Greek enough to remind someone of her daughter…well, that was fun, although I do really wish now that I’d completed a quarter of the language before I came here….

To the main point, then.

I was rather disappointed by Mykonos, particularly compared to Santorini, until I went to this little ice cream shop called Kayak.

Sorbet mango jasmine and ginger…is real.

So real.

P.S. The sun really does the Comfort Inn gradient at sunset…Mykonos is a huge money sink…windmills are overrated

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