Surreal Things

Last night...let's see, we went to Psirri for crepes (special occasion: yes) and there was a chick with dreads, casual clothes just playing with fire. Juggling it, doing that crazy shit with the ropes, and yes eating it too. We'd been in Gazi what, a week or so, ago and seen some dudes juggling stuff--but this was way better! We gave her money. And it seems like she was slathered in flame retardant, which would explain why her dreads didn't stay on fire...later that night we ended up going to the James Joyce and there was a dude on stilts who started throwing fire too, although we decided not to watch that....

And then today, we went to the University of Athens for a tour of the place (and the Academy and all that), and ended up watching a tiny little graduation! It was sort of terrifying.

Anyway, I'm too sleepy to remember anything else. Paris, here I come. (Insert former I'm-going-to-Athens dance here)

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