Things Change

Seriously, I'm so confused. One day it's a reasonable temperature, maybe a little hot at midday but not too bad, nice breezes coming in later in the day; the streets are empty, at least as far as is possible in a city like Athens, and then the next day it's both hot to the point where it's painful to be outside, a fact which isn't helped by the humidity and the fact that the breeze is entirely sporadic; and suddenly there's tourists everywhere--the latter I've heard is a problem anyway (100,000 on Mykonos during peak season? Dear god(s)), but still...! You'd think there'd be some sort of warning of what is to come--it's like change is impossible to notice until it hits a critical mass.

In other news, I am torn between eating/drinking well and partying and going to more places.

Also, remember how I was complaining about the smell of cat pee around here (god(s), I hope you don't)? Turns it out has nothing on cat decomposing.

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