Wait, No

I may have been hallucinating yesterday when I said that everything was just the same. Here is a list of things that have changed:

  • Baskin Robbins has officially adopted the Calvin and Hobbes font for their logo.  I think something had started up when I left, but it wasn't so obvious....
  • Construction by Union Station
  • "Free Enterprise" buses masquerading as the CTA!
  • Landscaping and a mysteriously large quantity of clean green parks along the LSD (no, I do not in fact get tired of that name)
  • My sister's mouth (orthodontia, if you really need specifics)
  • White Hen Pantry has been bought out by 7-11
  • The weather makes even less sense than it used to
  • My room has been horribly abused
  • STORES.  I swear half the mall and the North Side have been shuffled around/completely redone.
  • Bath and Body Works has a new bottle style
  • Clothes.  They suck now.  I mean, I thought that dumb shit was limited to being printed on T-shirts in countries where they don't know what those words mean.
Hmm...I know there's more.  But this brings up the point of mutability.  Stuff changes all the time, yet as long as it's gradual we notice nothing.


Anonymous said...

how about the fact that some CTA buses now have blinding LED displays to advertise and cause car accidents?

The Reporter said...

What?! I haven't seen this (or maybe I just had an absence seizure while one was up...).