G † R † A † D † U † A † T † I † O † N

To put it frankly, not half as thrilling as high school.

For starters, it was raining--and I mean genuinely, honest-to-god pour here's a plastic bag with which to cover your diploma and a poncho, better put it over (or under?) the gown, and shit that hat is really melting, god damn so fucking cold, don't want to stand teeth chattering trying to smile for the official photo my hair is a mess...all matter of nonsense, but it would have easily been salvaged if there had been enough enthusiasm remaining after all that shivering for us to all throw our hats in the air and really cheer it out.

Of course, this didn't happen. I guess there's just something about UChicago that makes you more burned out than thrilled to be out...not to mention the shitty, shitty economy, and of course the special case of this being the first convocation ever to have major rain (in 497 past events, there have allegedly only been 'serious misting'). God damn.

On the other hand, it's now great outside. Aaaargh....

Oh yeah, so. Thoughts. I continued my trend of learning one thing: this time, it was Texas Hold 'Em (Egyptian Ratscrew/European War in H.S. and Speed in middle school). But, honestly, I'm not going to miss college. Yeah, there were some good classes and all that, but there was never a single quarter that was so amazing that I'd want to relive it--not even the Study Abroad.

I don't know...to be an optimist, I guess it's obligated to get better from here? At least I have summer jobs.

Hmm, this really isn't too positive.  You'd think I'd have better things to say, but it seems like all the experiences in college have been lessons about control more than freedom, if that makes sense and if it doesn't I have no plans to elaborate.

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